Workroom C Client Testimonials: 

“Carolyn worked with us on a new house from the ground up. We had ideas and Carolyn was able to implement them and worked with general contractor/ subs with good success. She gave us good advice and was the "tie breaker" when we could not decide what to do. Our house is now completed and looks incredible. We have had many complements and people asking who helped us and would recommend her going forward and plan on remaining friends for many years.”

Scott, Incline Village


“I highly recommend working with Carolyn at Carolyn Rebuffel Designs. She transformed our living room into a peaceful oasis that we thoroughly enjoy. She had some great ideas for our space, but she carefully listened to our ideas and incorporated them well into the overall plan. She was patient with us as we couldn't give the project our full attention and we had to complete the project fairly slowly because of other obligations. Carolyn has a particular facility with fabric and she helped us pick some fabulous materials to use for furniture and drapes. Her staff are very professional, they respond to questions right away, provide materials and samples quickly and are pleasant to work with.”

Hillary, San Francisco


“We ended up hiring her (Carolyn) and she was the best decision we made. She turned our home into a lovely, kid-friendly yet sophisticated environment. She was present for all meetings and most deliveries and she just gave everything her own personal touch. Her contacts I.e. contractor, installers, etc. have all exhibited great work. She’s funny, respectful, honest, accountable and her ideas / suggestions are amazing. I love our newly decorated home and I’m so glad to have met Carolyn! I have no doubt that we will know her for a long time....she’s just that kind of person.” 

Rebekah, Orinda


“Carolyn promised me that if I hired her to design my apartment, I would find the love of my life. I found her four weeks later and we've been together ever since (10 months and going strong!).”

Brandon, San Francisco


“I cannot say enough wonderful things about Carolyn. Not only does she have impeccable taste and integrity but she is practical (good for families with kids), is efficient, and really fun to work with. She helped our family with the interior design of the entire house, including paint colors as well as our kitchen remodel which looks amazing! She picked out wonderful pieces, such as our beautiful pedestal dining table, custom designed chandelier and girl's bed frame. I really trust Carolyn's judgement and would not hesitate to hire her again!”

Shelley, San Francisco

“Carolyn was amazing to work with. I underwent a pretty major remodel of my home in San Francisco. Carolyn definitely made the journey so much easier on me. She is very professional and knows her stuff. She was always on time, taking notes, and providing insight. She would give me many options to choose from, and when I wanted more she worked with me. I could count of her to make sure the project was on time and done properly. Her level of professionalism is amazing. She is also very very fun!”

Marina, San Francisco


“I highly recommend Carolyn. I've been working with her over the last 2 years (my pace, not hers) to redecorate our living room, dining room, family room and guest bathroom. I could tell right away that our tastes were aligned when viewing the photos of her past projects on the website and I have not been disappointed! She is delightful, responsive and has been easy to work with. I consistently like the options she presents, and while she is very knowledgeable and confident in her selections, I never feel like she is pushing her own vision over mine. I think her fees are very reasonable and I have never felt overcharged. She consistently finds lovely items that fall within my budget parameters. Definitely hire her!”

Daphne, San Francisco