Workroom C Family Home

Carolyn Rebuffel believes a home can be both family-friendly and beautiful.  She should know. Her first project was her own home with her young family. “When I founded Workroom C in 2006,” says Carolyn, “my family was just growing, so I was able to experiment with design tricks, furnishings and fabrics.”

Today Carolyn advises clients on best materials for crawlers, safest room flows and where to save and when spend (chandeliers because they are out of reach). Whether it’s designing rooms on the first floor [for easy access] or knowing when to turn a college bound child’s room into a guest room, Carolyn brings creative ideas and a luxury aesthetic to spaces for growing families.

Carolyn’s approach to designing for families has earned her a reputation in the business. Below are what some parents are saying:

“Carolyn turned our home into a kid-friendly yet sophisticated environment. She was present for all meetings (and most deliveries) and she gave everything her own personal touch. Her contacts (contractor, installers, etc.) all exhibited great work. She’s funny, respectful, honest, accountable and her ideas / suggestions are amazing. I have no doubt that we will know her for a long time....she’s just that kind of person.” 

Rebekah, Orinda

“I cannot say enough wonderful things about Carolyn. Not only does she have impeccable taste and integrity, but she is practical (good for families with kids), efficient, and really fun to work with. She helped our family with the interior design of the entire house, including paint colors as well as our kitchen remodel which looks amazing! I really trust Carolyn's judgement and would not hesitate to hire her again!”

Shelley, San Francisco