Take photos of the room(s):
Stand back as far as possible from each wall and take a photo. If you cannot get far enough back to get the whole wall in a shot, take a series of shots that we can string together. Be sure to label them accordingly. Take detail photos of anything that you think is relevant to the design.

This is also the time to take photos of any existing objects that you would like us to incorporate into the design. 

Please be sure to label all the photos so that we know what they are.

How to measure your room(s):

  1. Using pencil, sketch out the existing layout (don't worry about scale), and be sure to include the locations of
    all windows, doors, and closets.
  2. Use a tape measure to measure each wall, corner to corner. record the sizes and locations of all openings
    and built-ins (doorways, pass-throughs, built-in bookcases, etc).
  3. Then measure each wall in detail: start at one corner of the room, measure the distance from the corner to
    the outside edge of the window casing, from there to the opposite edge of the window casing, from there to
    the edge of a built-in cabinet, and so on to the opposite corner.
  4. When you finish the first wall, total the measurement; it should match the first overall measurement.
  5. Continue this process around the room, and note the measurements on your drawing.

When you are done, you should have a floor plan and four wall drawings. Don’t worry about creating a “professional” drawing, but do your best to clearly convey the measurements so that we can generate a professional drawing to scale and place your furniture accordingly.

Other stuff it would be helpful for us to know:
• Ceiling height for each room
• Location of all power outlets
• Height of windows and doors
• Location of windows on each wall
• Location of any wall (sconce) or ceiling lights

If you would like us to incorporate any objects you already have into the design, please also measure those
objects and give us the height, width, and depth of each object with a photo of the object as well.

Have an iPhone?  This measuring app may come in handy.