room recipe

pumpkin spice and everything nice

We know the Fall flavor of pumpkin spice has been a bit overdone, but we thought we might be able to work it just a little bit harder to create a room decor for you to snuggle into and enjoy that latté. Just the right tones for Fall, don’t you think?


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Enjoy the season—soon chaos will be kicking in—so take your pleasures where you can find them.

is your guest room ready for the holidaze?

The holidays are a season of entertaining; you'll have to make sure that your guest room is ready for visitors. So, we are serving up some simple tips for making sure you have everything ready for family/friends to come to stay. The perfect guest retreat can be easily set up with these lovely items.

Stylish Curtains: Guests need privacy and an option to sleep in. Curtains offer both.

Fresh flowers, Candles or Scent: Nothing is more welcoming then a delicious smelling room, especially if it is holiday-inspired.  

Extra Bedding, Reading Light + Books: It isn't always easy to fall asleep in a new place, so give them extra blankets, the option of books and make sure there's a reading light!

Enjoy the season and the visitors; comfy guests are easy guests. xo



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teenage dream

Your little lady is growing up.  She's developing her own sense of style but she still needs your guidance.  She may not be wearing flower crowns and fairy wings anymore but she's still your princess and you want to give her a room fit for a queen.  This room recipe calls for a dash of whimsy and a splash of sophistication.

It's a delicate balance, just like parenthood itself.


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work it

You can start looking forward to Mondays with this new room recipe! We created a sweet yet energetic and feminine work space for all of you girl bosses out there who want to conquer the world in a stylish office. Don't let the softness of the mint fool you; mixed with orange, curry and teal, these colors pack a punch. The natural wood and gold accents are the perfect counterbalance to one another. 

Work it, girl! 

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