from vision to reality

I am going to give you these pictures in the before to after sequence so we start with the boring, unfinished room and go to the conceptualization via Pinterest to the amazing watercolor rendering AND then to, (drumroll please)...




It is always presented this way on those shows on HGTV. But we designers want to show you the big work (because it is always BIG work--don't let those shows fool you) because we are so happy with the fruits of our labor. But I am going to live on the edge a bit. So here goes.


The Before:

the before

the before

Then onto the Pinterest craziness:

The beautiful concept sketch by @janegianarelli

Wilson Living Room.jpg

AND the big reveal! (photo credit @ericzepeda)


Wasn't that FUN?!?!? Let us know if we can help you make some magic happen.