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shaken, not stirred

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Let's harken back to the days of yore, shall we?  Picture this...  After-dinner drinks in the library followed by a rousing game of backgammon while discussing world affairs. It's like a scene right out of a James Bond movie. The room is filled with curiosities collected over time.  It feels simultaneously vintage and modern, just like the most interesting man in the world.  

Except, in these modern times, he wouldn't smoke.  Or carry a gun.  Just sayin'


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Many teenaged boys don't have reputations for being neatniks.  The trick here is unifying the room with one color-family, tricking the eye into not seeing the mess.  A type of clutter camouflage if you will.

You may even want to keep their door open.  Maybe.


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stormy weather

We're anticipating the coming of Fall and dreaming of cooler days and longer nights. Slate blue has been drawing our attention lately; it's that perfect combination of cozy yet still refreshing. Maybe it's because it is reminiscent of the much needed dark storm clouds that have not been seen here in California for several years now. Wait! I think we may have just set the world record as the first interior design firm to be inspired by the drought! Bring it, El Niño!

Whatever the case is, we're smitten with this color. 

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merry morning

We wouldn't be so eager to hit the snooze button if we had this delightful breakfast nook filled with wit and charm to welcome us each morning. This room is all about the juxtaposition of the pieces in it. We have polkadots, stripes, watercolor florals and a geometric motif all mixed with the kooky Fornasetti wall plates. Even though we have lots of different patterns going on here, it all works because of the calm color palette. That's worth getting up a little extra early! 

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