room recipe: reduce, re-use, recycle

One of the best and most glamorous ways to decorate a home is by selecting antiques and vintage items; well-loved pieces with previous lives imbue a unique style and sensibility to your space. Sources like Chairish, 1st Dibs, Etsy, Craig’s List and ebay are great for finding fabulous stuff. And when you shop that way, you are doing your part to save the planet. Good deeds never looked so beautiful.

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first apartment

It's that time of flying the nest, trying to put together cool pads with roommates or by themselves and with no idea where to start. We are here to help.  We put together a set of items, easy on the eyes, durable and comfortable --but also easy on the pocketbook. Remember to ask the landlord to paint the interior "Decorator White" before move-in day so that the perfect neutral backdrop for the new digs is all set.  Those thrift store/garage sale/hand-me-down artworks will look great against the clean, white walls so you can really stamp your new space with your own grown-up style.

Of course, the navy blue is just a suggestion but the sofa, stools and the rug will take whatever your friends throw at them and still look stylish.  xo, Carolyn

public service announcement

Our expectations are high, our choices are infinite and our patience is thin. But, in design, as in life, there are always three factors and you can only have two of the three for any given item:

Time (how long does it take)

Price (how much does it cost)

Quality (how good is it)

To get it fast, you must pay more or sacrifice quality. To get a lower price, you must wait for it or sacrifice quality. To get great quality, you must pay more or wait for it. 

The obtainment of two of these factors always sacrifices the third factor. I have not found any exceptions to this principle yet.

Let me know if you have…

before and before and after--the little house that could

These are photos of a home built in 1947 ~3 bedrooms + 3 baths with 2300 square feet on a cute little court, when it went on the market for the first time in 2011. It sold for $450,000.

These are photos of the same home staged for our clients to purchase it. Mostly new floors and a kitchen update were added. The purchase price in 2012 was $650,000.

Then we got our hands on it.  We renovated the kitchen, adding a kitchen island, opening it up to the dining room and we also renovated the main bathroom and made minor improvements in the other baths. Our clients have a growing family and needed more room, and put it on the market again in 2018. It recently sold for $1,200,000.

Just a cool little example of how some vision, tile, paint and cabinetry (and some fun staging) can bring a little starter home into the present. Let us know if you need any help turning a house into your dream home.