make it yours…

Sometimes it is harder than it looks. If we break down a room into its different elements and then make the shopping list, we can pull the items together into a cohesive space.

But first. The hardest part is the scale and making sure to fit the pieces to the space. Measure twice, cut once, so to speak. The best ways to do that are to see the pieces in person or mock up your intended pieces in the space with painters’ tape and poster paper so that you can get a sense of how they will feel. It takes longer but it is well worth it. Details like— how deep the is the sofa and can you move around it? will the armchairs tuck in under the dining table? will the painting open the space up or make the room feel crowded? will all the furniture fit onto the rug? are all important to consider. But equally important is that there is always more than one solution for the space and each quandary you encounter.

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Of course, we are always here to help. :)