8 bright design secrets that'll style away winter blues

Snow, rain, sleet, avalanches, snow plows, overflowing rivers, early dusk and late dawn, political imbroglios, holiday withdrawal~ it is all enough to make anyone a little sad/nervous/nauseous. Your home is your castle. Here are some quick, easy ideas that will help brighten your outlook and your keep. 

8. Get a desk chair in a popping' color.

7. Put up a beautiful new light.

6. Refresh your bed with new sheets or new pillows or a new duvet cover or a new throw blanket or all of the above. 

5. Give some love to an old upholstered piece with a yummy new fabric and go for a sexy contrast welt.

4. Replace a boring lampshade with one that has some sass and color.

3. Find and hang a great piece of art. Leave no stone unturned--flea markets, secondhand stores, garage sales, estate auctions, or museum gift shops can get you fab finds.

Tinsel  by ArtHide

Tinsel by ArtHide

2. Throw down an embellished cowhide to liven up your floors.

1. And this is the easiest of them all--take the plunge and paint a stripe or an accent wall or an entire room in a brave, bold color. 

There now, doesn't that feel better? 

xo, Carolyn

p.s. most of the images above were pulled from Instagram and links are attached to the pictures.