jack & jill room recipes

We have two room recipes for you today, both devoted to kids! First up is our Perfect Navy Room Recipe; we chose this for a boy's bedroom. The starting point was our Workroom C Fabric in the Perfect Navy colorway. We love the mix of navy and the warm wood of the dresser with pops of red throughout. The F/K/A Table Lamp is great; the navy shade mixed with the mint base and red cord is so fresh and playful and it's perfect for a child's room. The red Redial Wall Shelf is a great place to show off prized toys and small collections. It's never too early to introduce kids to music and the portable record player throws in a retro vibe. The Solar System Mobile is just plain cool. 

Next up is our Persimmon Room Recipe, which we chose for a girl's bedroom.

Persimmon and lavender were made for each other; they made a soft and soothing color combination, yet warm and inviting at the same time. The white feather pendant floats like a dream the bed. We played with circular shapes in this room: the pom-poms on the draper panel trim, the organic polka-dot pattern on our Workroom C Chloé Pillows, the "beads" dangling off of the vintage peacock headboard and they're featured on the gorgeous art dolls.

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