how to make your home feel like a Winter Wonderland (even in sunny California)

10. Make some hot chocolate and start a fire. If you don't have a fireplace or firepit, start this fire on your computer.

9. Simmer this (or this) in a pot on the stove: 3 sprigs evergreen or handful pine needles, 2 cinnamon sticks2 Tbsp whole cloves, 2 bay leaves, 2 pieces orange rind, and 2 pieces lemon rind.

8. Light some candles and hang some mistletoe. Find a cute someone to help you.

7. Put on some fuzzy socks, snuggle into a fuzzy blanket and turn on some golden oldies holiday music. Add a fuzzy cat as needed.

6. Make some paper snowflakes and hang them in the windows.

5. Finish your holiday shopping--here are some ideas.

4. Watch A Charlie Brown Christmas.

3. Bake some Italian Christmas cookies.

2. Flock your tree.

1. Invite some friends over to share your Winter Wonderland and give a toast to Peace, Love and Joy.