in the pink

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She has asked for a pink master bedroom and he has asked that it not be too frilly. This is the inspiration board we have put together for the room—measures and space planning are in progress. This is a particularly fun challenge and we cannot really get enough of this pale pink. Stay tuned for the reveal, albeit a few months away —so be patient with us. :)

take it easy, y'all...

How is the year half over already? Okay, just kidding but it has already been a whirlwind these past six weeks. So let’s all take it down a notch and celebrate ourselves this Valentine’s Day by kicking back, relaxing, nourishing body and spirit, and taking a moment for ourselves and some quiet time.

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Feel free to pass some quiet calm on to your bestie—she probably needs some too. xo

thanksgiving table---mix it up!

Just as there will be a myriad of personalities and opinions at your Thanksgiving dinner table, so there should be an eclectic mix of styles. (Tabletop as conversation starter rather than political opinions, anyone?) Paper flowers for the floral arrangement, a melange of modern and antique, highs and lows, and practical and fanciful details will appeal to everyone’s aesthetic at the table. Avoid the mundane and do not be afraid to mingle styles like you mingle your guests. Have a wonderful holiday, everyone! xo

Variety is the spice of life.

Variety is the spice of life.

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pumpkin spice and everything nice

We know the Fall flavor of pumpkin spice has been a bit overdone, but we thought we might be able to work it just a little bit harder to create a room decor for you to snuggle into and enjoy that latté. Just the right tones for Fall, don’t you think?


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Enjoy the season—soon chaos will be kicking in—so take your pleasures where you can find them.